Xenon Support Center (Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal)

Xenon Support Center is clean and minimal tickets and conversations management system .It have been crafted for real-world situations , You can create companies , customers , operators and departments . Each department can have a department admin . To easily customize emails we have also integrated mailchimp templating so you can pair plain emails to mailchimp designer . Emails takes up time to compose and send so we have also integrated mailgun support . It contains 50 levels of permissions between admin , department admin and operator . It is full fledged suite for Tickets and Live Chat management


Admin Credentials Email : admin@mail.com Password : admin


  • Built on Laravel Framework
    Laravel is one of the most popular framework at the moment and is full of features. It is easy to use and it offers a large variety of packages using composer .
  • Live Chat
    It contains livechat which you can integrate on any website . It is fast and powerful , customer can start conversation simply by entering details and click start and operators will be notified . All conversations are saved in closed conversations .
  • Canned Messages
    You can create predefined messages which can be used by operators for quick reply
  • Operators
    You can create operators for company departments . Operators have separate dashboard and can access functionalities which is assigned by department admin .
  • Department Admins and Departments
    You can create department admins who are in-charge of particular departments . You can also create department and assign department admin to it .
  • Mailchimp Templating
    This is a unique feature only visible if use mailchimp is checked in settings . You can create your own templates using mailchimp’s powerful editor use variables shown in documentation , then you can pair mailchimp templates to email templates so that next time emails use mailchimp templates instead of default .
  • Permissions ~50 levels
    Now control your department admins/operators using permissions . Complete system is based on permissions like if you assign tickets.create to operator then only he can create tickets . You can control each and everything using permissions from what users edit and what users can see .
  • Tickets
    By default if no operators are available livechat is converted to ticket . Users can login to there accounts and reply to existing tickets or create new tickets , tickets also supports attachments . Tickets panel also shows user details like ip address , country , priority , status etc .
  • Customers
    You can create customers and assign them to companies directly from admin panel .
  • Companies
    You can create companies directly from admin panel .
  • Blocking
    You can block ip using ip blocking . Types of blocking are block from accessing chat , block from creating tickets , block from login , full website blocking .
  • Mailgun
    You can use mailgun to send emails . Just go to settings , check use mailgun and enter details then save .