WordSearch - Leads Generation with Games

WordSearch – Leads Generation with Games makes it easy to create a custom Word Search puzzle game in Javascript to capture leads on your website. Each player will has to find 6 words on a puzzle board! You can collect the contact information of the players, whether they win or lose, redirect them to any URL address Customisation is done really easily through our WordSearch Game Generator. It lets you create a WordSearch Game in minutes by just using an interactive form. You just need to enter a few fields, flip some switches you are good to go!
What you can customise:
  • Instructions (up to 200 characters)
  • Hidden Words (unlimited but the game will hide 6 of them)
  • Colors of the background and banner/buttons
  • Background Image
  • Message when a player wins the game
  • What information needs to be collected (Email, Name, Address,Phone)
  • If a redirect button should be displayed
  • Link on your server to post the player’s contact information

  • The WordSearch Game is responsive and will scale down and up. It will scale up to 700px x 400px As the game is in HTML5/JS, it is playable on any smartphone
    Note: Please note that in order to collect email addresses, you need to set up a server and thus have basic knowledge in a server side language like PHP, Ruby, Node.js,... You also need understand the sentence : “Players contact information will be send through a POST request “