WordPress Theme Options - Modular and Responsive

About WP Theme Options

WP Theme Options it’s an Option Panel Framework for WordPress, powered by FuseCoders, a small group of young Portuguese entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads. Currently we have all our projects and clients projects with WordPress, we already developed dozens of Themes. In the past one thing that were always annoying for us, was Option Panels, before we created this product we had 2 options:
  • Use Theme Options made by others, they were hard to extend and some had a lot of bugs
  • Create a custom Theme Options for each project
  • So we thought… Why don’t create a Modular and Powerful Theme Options for us and share for a low price with other people? And here it is! Now we don’t have to spend days developing and designing Theme Options for each projects we do, we believe that WP Theme Options is the best solution for you too! Still wasting your time? You can configure it in just 5 minutes! Cheers!
    Anthony Vendeirinho & Tiago Martins – FuseCoders Team

    Versions and Updates

    Version 1.0.1 – 31th Oct’14 BUG: Missing wp_enqueue_media(); Version 1.0 – 28th Oct’14 LAUNCH: Initial Release