Word War iOS Game Universal Template iPhone

Universal game. Will work on iPhones, iPad, iPad air, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ Well, this is a Boggle type game with some interesting twists. Each gameplay has 2 sessions. Each 60s long. You will have a few seconds break then start all over again. You find 1 word and the game will automatically find other combinations (you get more points). How many points can you get? Video Preview: http://bit.ly/1vx0ZV8 STUNNING DESIGN !! SOUND EFFECTS (sorry you can’t hear it in the demo video but if the player gets correct word, incorrect word, or already found word, it will play some catchy sound Block descriptions: - Blue: regular blocks - Yellow: selected blocks - Green: new word found - Gray: already found word - Red: not match any words Features: - Pink: triple word’s points if it contains that block - Orange: quadruple word’s points if it contains that block - Purple: quintuple word’s points if it contains that block - 2 boards in 1 game => Refreshing and More headache - Multiplayer mode: play with other people on Apple Game Center Reskin: - You don’t have to. Ready to upload to app store but if you want to, everything is in Images folder. Very easy to reskin