WHMCS Paypal Billing Agreement Payment Gateway

Our WHMCS PayPal Gateway will allow you to charge your customer’s PayPal accounts directly, just like a credit card! No longer will you need to worry about PayPal subscriptions or individual PayPal payments! Tired of dealing with messy PayPal payments, incorrect PayPal subscriptions? Here’s the module for you! Now you can correctly factor in account credits, varying invoice amounts, and much more! With our module / gateway, you’ll be able to treat your customer’s PayPal account like a credit card, charging it whenever necessary – for whatever amount you’d like! Once the customer sets up the billing agreement by going through the PayPal checkout process once and clicking Agree to set up the Billing Agreement, they’ll never need to go through the PayPal Checkout process ever again – which means easy one-click ordering for them on your site for them in the future! Complete with awesome features: Total migration control – canceling existing PayPal Subscriptions once a customer uses this gateway; Easy admin features like billing agreement ID management and easy backend charging, and complete compatibility with other gateways, this gateway is simply the best WHMCS gateway that exists! We’ve taken all the hassle out of coding and API’s, so you can offer your customers a seamless checkout and billing experience – and enjoy an easier back-end billing process as well! Our PayPal Billing Agreement module features: Migration New! Auto-Cancel Existing PayPal Subscriptions Brand new killer feature! When a customer pays with this gateway for the first time, you can set the module to cancel any existing PayPal subscriptions the customer has with you, making the migration process a piece of cake! Easy Non-Payment Billing Agreement Signup Using a client-side page, clients can sign up for a billing agreement without even paying an invoice, making it easier than ever to migrate customers to this new gateway! Auto-set Default Payment Gateway Change the default payment method of clients who checkout through this gateway to always use this gateway in the future. Payments Free! No Monthly PayPal Fees No extra charges or fees through PayPal for you! Fully PCI Compliant No PayPal or card details are stored on your site, only a PayPal token, ensuring your site meets the latest PCI requirements. New!Confirmed PayPal Address Compatibility Check your client’s PayPal Account addresses for added seller security, as they now are included in the PayPal transaction details. PayPal Billing Agreement Functionality Utilize PayPal’s Billing Agreement API’s to easily charge your customers custom amounts when you choose! On-Demand Billing Module Don’t want to create an invoice? Quickly charge a customer (must have already setup a billing agreement) using our QuickCharge module. It will automatically generate an invoice and optionally send an invoice creation and / or payment receipt to your customer! Enhanced Currency Recognition! Charge clients in the currency of your choice – recognizes the currency being checked out with & the client’s default currency choice. Easy One-Click Ordering After your customer sets up the Billing Agreement by simply checking out through PayPal’s Express Checkout for the first time, they’ll never have to go through that process again. They’ll simply need to click ‘Order’ or ‘Pay’ on the checkout page or invoice screen to pay. Custom PayPal Checkout Page Variable Created custom checkout pages in your PayPal account? Perfect! Easily set this module to use a specific custom page theme when your customer goes through the PayPal Checkout Process the first time they checkout using the gateway. Integration Easy! Seamless Billing Agreement Setup Just like your customer goes through the PayPal Checkout Process now with the standard PayPal module, they will go through the exact same process the first time they checkout with this gateway to agree to the Billing Agreement, then they’ll never have to go through it again, they’ll be automatically charged in the future. New! Custom Success URL Want to send your clients to a custom page after they pay successfully? Enter in a custom URL, and we’ll do just that! New! Admin Billing Agreement Management! View the Billing ID history of your clients right on their Summary page, as well as being able to delete or cancel the current Billing Agreement ID with one click! New! Billing Agreement Summary Page See all the clients you have signed up with Billing IDs, both active and inactive! Cancel or Delete the Billing Agreement IDs with one click! New! 3rd Party Compatibility Compatible with other remote charging gateways, will recognize if the remote token is not a Billing ID and replace it with a Billing ID when checking out. New! Auto-Update Billing Agreement Statuses Requires a cron job to be setup to automatically update the status of your client’s Billing Agreement IDs – to ensure the active ones are kept in place and the inactive ones are made non-current. Existing PayPal Gateway Compatibility Already using the standard PayPal gateway? No worries – keep using it in conjunction with this gateway! Complete Cron Job Integration Charge your customers with regularity since this module integrates 100% with cron jobs! They’ll be charged with this module automatically when the cron job runs and their invoice is due. Refund Compatibility Need to quickly refund a transaction? No problem – just use the built-in refunds section in the Invoice panel to refund your customer straight to their paypal account! Invoice Integration Want to charge your customer for an invoice ahead of time? No problem, this module integrates with the Attempt Capture button on the admin invoice page, so you can automatically capture the invoice amount whenever you choose! Billing Agreement Visibility Need to cancel or reset a billing agreement? Your customer’s billing agreement ID will be shown on their Customer Profile tab in the admin. You can change this or delete it to force them to setup a new Billing Agreement when checking out or paying for an invoice next.