VideoCall Pro Private Video Chat Static ID edition

VideoCall Pro – Private Video chat, Static ID edition

The long awaited static id edition, also more freedom for developers to use it in their own projects
Standalone One on One private Webcam Video Chat with static id’s – WebRTC
Realtime audio and video communications Browser to Browser! P2P
The audio and video stream goes NOT over your server so there is Almost No cpu or bandwidth usage, it runs also very smoot on a shared hosting.
It’s a meeting place to talk face to face
Great for visitors from dating sites and social networks
it’s a very lightweight webcam application and yet very powerful
Users can use the chat rooms on the fly
Just give the room url and ID to a friend to start the private video chat.

Private one-on-one video calls

No software to install this script runs direct in your browser (Chrome OR Firefox)
No need to install additional software or plugins No sign up!
All that your vistiors need is a webcam
Built with bootstrap 3, Javascript HTML5
WebRTC = Web based Real Time Communications technology.


One on One Video calls
Static id’s easy to remember users enter their name or nickname
10 Video chat locations to split traffic and provide more uniek id’s
Video Chatrooms are easy extendeble or use just one to talk to your clients
Video Chatrooms are Easy to translate only one file to edit
All rooms have a select copy and share modal (url and ID)
Social Share and like buttons
Easy monetise 2 Adspots in every room and 3 on the home page
Developers can also use it in their own projects (social networks)
Build on bootstrap 3 HTML5
No Flash
No MySQL or database needed
No peerserver needed works with peerjs
Very Easy to install upload and go
Works on domain and subdomain
Can be used next to any website to gain more traffic to you site
Free updates


This is vey easy
1. open the config file Follow instructions inside.
Translation for the chatrooms can also easly be done in this file
2. Ftp upload the folder to your website
Done Enjoy