Vanilla Form - Modern & Responsive Contact Form

Vanilla Form uses JavaScript to send filled data to server using AJAX. This means, your page won’t reload after form submit. Vanilla Form was written with speed and independence in mind. It loads fast and can work without 3rd party library like jQuery. But if you want to, you can easily integrate it with any web framework you want. Vanilla Form uses standard HTML 5 form elements and makes them nicer thanks the CSS 3 style rules. Vanilla Form is not only responsive and optimized for hi-resolution devices (like Retina Displays). To improve user experience of your web page Vanilla Form turns on adequate virtual keyboard on mobile devices. Check this live demo on your mobile device. Vanilla Form has an no annoying captcha but it still protects you against spam bots. Thanks for smart built-in anti-bot protection it saves you from most of unwanted messages and it’s still user friendly in use.


Vanilla Form uses doesn’t send e-mail itself It uses PHP server script to invoke mail function of your hosting. To use it, make sure, that your server has implement PHP mail() function.


After downloading our product you’ll receive an step-by-step installation manual and working demo (needs PHP server for mail sending). If you will feel lost with installation or have any questions regarding our product don’t hesitate to contact us on our author profile page.