Up or down script- Check if website is down or not

Up or down is a script that allow you to run a status checker service to check a website is down or up, get its thumbnail and response time as well. Up or down come with two free themes, one free plugins and tons of features.


Back-end (Login with: admin/admin)


Screenshot machine API plugin ($1)

Feature list

  • Core feature: Check if website is down or not
  • Get website thumbnail if website is up, get server response time.
  • Most checked website with average response time
  • Theme and plugin system, unlimit future upgrading
  • 2 free themes: simplicity and advanced
  • Adspot ready
  • Changable menu, footer and meta tags
  • Built with love and WASD framework
  • Requirement

  • A computer with network connection
  • A php hosting
  • PHP version 5.3 or higher
  • One sql database on your host
  • 10 megabytes minimum free space on your host
  • file_get_contents available and enabled on your host