The Person | Portfolio, Blog, Resume, MultiSite

    CURRENT VERSION 1.0 (see Change log at the bottom of this page)

Person: Ultimate Solution for you Personal Site

Business CV, Personal Blog, Artist’s Portfolio… any combination of functionality and style is available for the owner of The Person. And if you need work team or community, multi user capabilities will make The Person essential for these kind of things: Lawer Bereau, Design Studio, Outsourcing, Education Group, Advertisement or Model agency, Art/Profi Community… you name it!
You are getting a full-fledged multisite with format selection and customizable user rights. Each of the user profiles you create can set up its own visual solution and enable such options:
  • its own blog
  • portfolio
  • resume
  • testimonial page
  • contact info
  • as well as many other options …
  • ... just check out the huge choice of our shortcodes and widgets.
    The Person is a real monster!

    Customization capabilities: Layout, Styles, Pre-design

    Wide spectrum of color settings and ready-made solutions from professional designers of ThemeRex will make your website. You can achieve it incredibly easy using flexible options of ThemeRex Framework and our Support Team’s help.
    The Person has a layout that allows to place any amount of contents of any type: text, gallery, blog stream, widgets etc. The Person theme’s options offer a great selection of styles:
  • Heading styles:
  • infographics
  • left alignment
  • center alignment
  • just text
  • text + picture
  • text + icon
  • Background styles:
  • monochrome background
  • simple tabs
  • color tabs
  • pyramid
  • photo backround
  • Logo settings:
  • left alignment
  • center alignment
  • with/without icon
  • One User Multi User: three ways of usage!

    1. Pesonal website: infinite number of variants for flexible customization
    2. Multi User website:
  • open new profiles for your team in a blink of an eye
  • these profiles are placed directly on your wesite
  • you are getting a home page where you’ll be able to add general info about your community
  • you are getting full-fledged user accounts for personal content (blog, portfolio, resume etc)
  • all accoutns have similar structures
  • easy and convenient navigation between accounts due to user panel
  • 3. Multi Site: use a WP Multi-site capabilities to get a network of corelated websites with entirely individual settings for each of them. This will require another way of theme installation (check out our Documentation). What is the difference comparing to the Multi user website mentioned above?
  • An option to assign any style to profiles
  • Its own set of subpages
  • Each profile gets personal url
  • As well as all options of Multi user website we talked above
  • Change log

    20.10.2014 Version 1.0 – Release