Spice - PhoneGap Mobile Article App with CMS

SPICE – PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid Article Application with CMS

SPICE is the perfect solution if you want to get an article/general content application up and running on IOS, Android, Kindle Fire OS, Windows 8, and Windows Phone with NO CODING EXPERIENCE necessary.

There’s nothing to configure, code, or debug. All the hard work is already done. All you have to do is use our advanced custom built CMS to push your content to your mobile app in real time. It’s that easy. SPICE is perfect for articles, tutorials, recipes, and other general content.
Features [See screenshots and video also]:
  • Advanced custom built CMS with administrator login
  • Easily add categories for your content
  • Easily add new articles/content
  • Easily associate images (main images shows in the list and detail views)
  • Easily add images directly to content/articles
  • Add Youtube video by simply pasting the share link
  • Push new content to your app in real time
  • Add pixel perfect formatting to your content, including colored text

  • Mobile App
  • Easily build for IOS, Android, Kindle (Fire OS), Windows 8 and Windows Phone
  • Works beautifully on tablets and phones
  • Feels like a native app, NOT a wrapped web page
  • Pull to Refresh new content in real time
  • Filter content based on top-level categories
  • Seamless in-content Youtube Video playback
  • Easily customize app icons and splash screens by replacing the placeholder images for each major platform (IOS, Android, Fire, Windows 8, Windows Phone)

  • Demo Files

    Get demo apk(Android), appxrecipe(Windows , and xap(Windows Phone) files

    Updates – SPICE Mobile Article Framework

    12/28/14 - SPICE 1.0 Released