SpeedoMap - iOS8 Swift Project - Universal Build

SpeedoMap is an GPS Speedometer, a GPS tracker and a weather app in one. The user just by swiping it can change from one screen to another enjoying several custom transitions. It shows the user’s current speed in miles, kilometers or knots, but also his current GPS Coordinates, location and even the street where he is at any given moment. It features also a map that keeps track of the journey. It “prints” or renders a line of the trip. The user can zoom in and out of the map or change the units of the speedo. The Weather Section gives all relevant weather data for the current location such as temperature (ºC or ºF), air pressure, humidity, precipitation, ozone and a resume description with an weather icon depend on the conditions. The App is build to fit all available iOS device sizes and can be easily reskinned and customized. It´s entirely build with the new Interface Builder of Xcode 6 and the Layout is realized with constraints. Apart from the launch screen, weather icons and the App Icons are no graphic files involved. Everything is easily customizable from within the Code Files. Plenty of Code Comments help to find your way through the project and change everything you want. The App has been localized in English, Spanish and German. More languages can be added easy. The App comes with iAds build in in all Screens and in App Purchase to remove those Ad Banner. Just replace your bundle identifier and you`re good to go.