Soon - Animated Responsive Countdowns, jQ Support

Beautifully animated countdowns for everyone. Soon is Plug & Play and ridiculously easy to setup using the supplied configurator. Or, faster yet, pick one of the responsive presets as a starting point. You can customize everything to your own liking with simple attributes described in the documentation. Soon is completely customizable, mobile friendly and responsive. It’s compatible with jQuery but you can use it without just as well. The package contains the original source files, so if you’re tech savvy you can tweak it to your own liking. If you run into trouble, I’m there to help you on your way.



Crazy amount of options

Soon contains all the counters you’ll ever need. From flip counters, dot matrix counters, circular counters, fill counters to animated text counters. All these can be customized and combined to fit your needs.

jQuery Support

Soon detects if you are using jQuery, if so, it enabled the jQuery API. If you’re not using jQuery, no problem, Soon brings it’s own API.


Comes with a whole pack of animation options to make your counters look extra sleek.


JavaScript’s default timer sometimes misbehaves. Soon contains a correction algorithm to make sure each second actually is a second.


Scales beautifully from small devices to the big ones.


Still cool right? Available for every counter type.


Just drag some sliders, pick a color, choose a due date, and presto, you’re presented with you’re Soon HTML and CSS code. See for yourself on the demo page.

Circular progress

The circular progress visual can be totally customized, from color of the ring, to the length, offset and gap size. Also you can control width, cap style, shadows and make it glow in the dark.


Soon comes with extensive documentation on all it’s capabilities.

Plug & Play

Example code in package, just copy, past, and done.


If you’re a bit tech savvy you can tweak the CSS to your liking to customize it even more than is already possible out of the box.

Did I say lot’s of options?

Various text animations to choose from, padding (leading zeros), grouping characters, separator types, adjust label locale, different layout modes, label sizes, value cascading, label spacing, inline and group layout.


You can execute scripts when the timer runs out by using the onComplete callback method.


If you have any questions before or after you purchase Soon, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am happy to assist.


  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • iOS
  • Android
  • IE10
  • IE9 (no animations)
  • IE8 (no animations, falls back to text counter)
  • Files

  • Minimized and original version of all files
  • Preset Counters
  • Configurator
  • History

    1.0 [12-11-2015]

  • Initial release