Social Meet Script

Social Meet Script is a Tinder Style script, it is a social site in which you can get to flirt with people. Once you login you see different images of people, you like them or dislike them, if you like a profile, and the other profile likes you back a chat conversation will open so that you can both get in contact and know each other. Social Meet Script comes with geolocation search, chat system and Vip membership. This are some of the features you will find in Social Meet Script:
  • Geo Location Search
  • Paypal Payments
  • 3 different Memberships (2 vip)
  • Ads Creation
  • Create and edit Custom Translations
  • Chat System
  • Profile with Image Album
  • 16 Bootstrap themes from Bootswatch
  • Seo Friendly Urls
  • In order to view admin panel login with the following user: user: admin password: 12345 And once you login go to the following Link