Social listing-based - Donate Charity Center

Social listing-based – Donate Solution – To Make Dreams Come True.

It’s A standalone, self hosted, PayPal powered, fully automated, Realtime and social donate center, A brand new donate method it sell social listings To Fuel Your Dream Projects.
This Donate listing Center. It utilizes PayPal’s APIs to bring you a fully fledged donate solution.
When Your visitor donate With PayPal they can post a Comment of 140 characters along with a Website URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Linkedin URL, Youtube Video URL, and a Image or Flyer URL to promote them self and this make a big difference compared to the standard Paypal donation button, Because now you give something in return (Recognition).
This is a great way to say thanks to your Generous Donators
Who helpt You, To Get your Goals for your Dream project.

How it works

Afther donation your visitor wil be redirected to a page where they can add the listing
A Name or Brand and the Comment are Required but all the rest is optional to use.
1. Website URL, here you can add a link to your Website or Blog.
2. Twitter URL, here you can add a link to your Twitter account.
3. Facebook URL, here you can add a link to your Facebook page or account.
4. Linkedin URL, here you can add a link to your Linkedin account.
5. Youtube Video URL, here you can add the link from your YouTube Video.
6. Image or Flyer URL here you can add a link to your online Photo or Flyer.
All URLs must be the full url, no files, images or videos are uploaded,
The social buttons, image and video embed will be generated automatically when given.
You also Get a notification from paypal so you can check the listing in your admin panel
When a listing is violating your terms of use (TOS) you can remove the listing.


Build on bootstrap 3
Font awsome icons
All Demo pages included
Easy to install
Admin pannel
Great for personal and non-profit projects


Site settings
Demo mode to test script or to add demo donators
Paypal settings
Edit donate prices country code etc.
Global site settings
Easy translate
View and remove listings
View and remove payment
2 adspots top and footer (or for extra info)
Add your project youtube video
edit info box
edit modal info
edit info box collor
edit donator box collor
You can also enable or disable display settings like the progress bar, goal demo menu and more!
You can simply replace the logo, your project image and background in the img/ folder


open all images in lichtbox
open and view all video in modal and full screen
visit like or follow donators social links
share like g+ listing page
visit donator website
donate to get a listing themself
See Your Logo on Paypal page


MySQL database
Paypal business account