Sketch Your Favorite Celebrity

Sketch Your Favorite Celebrity

Most Famous Celebrity is a unique Android app that teaches you How to Draw Celebrity, how to draw Michael Jackson, Selena gomes,Messi,Ronaldo etc.. step-by-step! Drawing is considered to be very complex. You won’t believe how easy it can be with this app. This app is suitable for teaching yourself and your kids how to draw, a great tool for art educators, and a fun activity that family and friends can do together! This application is intended to let art people have an entertaining and fun time. We present you a collection of simple step by step instructions for drawing Michael Jackson, Selena gomes,Messi,Ronaldo etc..! in a special technique, specifically designed lessons allow you to create a true masterpiece even for those who had not succeeded in drawing. These unique pattern instructions suit absolutely everyone!Using this app you’ll see that drawing is easy and fun. In our app we use step by step lessons available to anyone. You will be able to draw any picture even you have no or little drawing skills. You say, you have never been able to draw in your live? Don’t panic! A person who is going to draw for the first time will master our program without any efforts and experienced artists will improve their skills.


  • Choose Pencil,Color,Erase,Clear… Tools
  • Swipe Drawing Next-Previous Button
  • Use The App Any Place,No Internet Require
  • Draw Step By Step Drawing On
  • Ability to skip the current step or return to the previous – get the very best suitable for yourself!
  • ou can draw over the instructions directly on your device! Just repeat the tasks on your screen!
  • Share and Save Drawing
  • The application will be simple enough, even for the youngest kids!
  • Easy To Customize
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  • All Drawing Images shown or depicted in this Apps are protected by copyright and / or registered trademarks of their respective corporations. This application nor anyone related to her claim any ownership rights (or copyright) of the Images used. The Drawing Images are protected by copyright and / or registered trademarks. The use of low-resolution images in this application.