Sharebox & dropBox - file sharing

See the demo here.
go to “access admin panel” and when prompted, enter password shareboxdemo
Sharebox & dropBox is your own personal file-sharing tool on the web.
You install it on your own server, create your users that will access your Sharebox, and start uploading files for them in no time.
No more file size limitation, no more monthly fees on 3rd party websites, no more waiting 60 seconds for the link to be available, you’ll have it all on your own website.
It’s extremely simple to install (only 1 page and few input boxes) and very friendly to use.
So far the features are :
  • simple and fast user creation
  • files can contain from regular english characters to indian, koreean, chinese, you name it
  • each user logs in to the frontpage of the website with a password
    that you supply them with and get their files
  • you can see in your admin module who downloaded what, and how many times
  • 2-click file uploading
  • edit, delete, share and un-share functions for all users
  • list users, list shared files, show your dropBox files features
  • share easily the uploaded files to other users as well
  • dropBox function available, so any user can also upload files back to you
  • stunning graphics, CSS3 styled 9 different themes
  • real clean and nice AJAX javascript uploader with full documentation too
  • pure Javascript functions all-across-the-app for fast and seamless integration
  • cool general statistics on how much harddisk space each user occupies
  • Frontsite : if you want to see how a regular user sees his files,
    edit a user from the user list in the administration module,
    assign him a password, logout from the admin,
    click “go to frontpage”, and login as that particular user.
    And be advised, since this demo can have more than 1 person checking it out,
    sometimes you’ll see the theme changing by itself.
    And that’s all.
    have a beautiful weekend, the Cubeworx team