SerieShop - Simple Serials, Coupon, Vouchers Store


This script is for selling Coupon, Discount or Serials Code Like. This is a very simple cart with easy to manage and customize purpose. Very suitable for Entry Level to Intermediate Programmers.

Payment Gateway

This script support PayPal payment gateway only, will be added more gateway on the next future update.


  • Bootstrap Ready
  • PayPal Payments
  • Support Coupon for Discounted price
  • Easy to Edit or customize
  • DEMO

    for Demo use login :
  • username : admin
  • password : admin
  • Add Products To Add Products is simple. Just Create a txt file. Put the serials, voucher code one per line. After that, save it and upload.
    eg. :


  • Fix Decimal Price
  • Fix undefine Variable
  • Fix Currency
  • 1.1
  • Add Product List at Storefront
  • Add Edited Price at Coupon and Categories
  • Filter File Upload for Security Purpose, allowed .txt only.
  • 1.0
  • Initial Release
  • Credits

    1. Twitter Bootstrap (
    2. PHP (
    3. MySQL (
    4. PayPal PHP Library (
    5. big help from Google.


    For Support please contact me at comments, or via email from the contact form at my profile. Thank You