SEO plugin for SocialKit

Features include (key benefits):
1. Automatic XML Sitemap generation (generation module).
This plugin will put the record of the visited pages to the database and will list them in the sitemap.xml file.
The URLs are automatically cleaned up from the sitemap file once a post or a user are deleted.
Slow crawling, as well as junk pages indexing, by the web search engines was a common problem for SocialKit.
Web crawlers were taking /welcome, /terms, /welcome?lang= pages into account, usually missing all the others.
The reason is simple – there were no links to the internal content pages.
Provide a web crawler with an intelligent URLs list to index!
Increase your indexed pages amount. Increase the signups!
2. Robots.txt file including the sitemap link.
The junk pages indexing is disabled by default.
3. The “Read more…” button redirecting to the internal website pages (posts). Following the “read more…” link will:
– put the url record to the sitemap.xml;
– inprove your social network usability;
– increase the number of your website pages’ views;
– increase the banners’ impressions. Boost your income by installing the ads plugin “Automatic selling advertising for SocialKit”!
Double or even triple the number of page views which leads to more banners’ impressions.
Google, Yandex, Yahoo web crawlers understand the “read more…” button as a sign of engaging content.
+ “Back” button: efficient way to return quickly to the last visited page.
4. “See More” button for SocialKit. Bingo! Huge posts can be compressed now!
Fit more content in less space and avoid stretched pages.
Customize the amount of characters to be shown in a preview.
Press “See More” to expand the full content.
! The “Read more…” button will redirect users to the post page with already expanded content ! Easy-to-use
5. “Message” button on top of each post (snippet). Feel free to contact the post author.
Just press “Message” and that’s it!