Sales Man Tracking 2nd Gen Pro

Sales Man Tracking 2nd Gen Pro

A worderful app to sell as a solution to clients at high prices. A solution to a regular problem maximum sales company/ manages faces these days. THIS IS A SPY APP WITH TASK MANAGER ON FACE & SALES MAN LOCATION TRACKER IN BACK. YOU GET FULL RIGHTS TO USE THIS CODE AS FINAL PRODUCT OR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT IN YOUR BRAND NAME. This app is full documented and complete source code Spy Sales Man tracking application with back-end. The manager has full access to the location of the sales with / without him knowing this fact. The application will required to be installed on his mobile certainly but on the face on the face of the application only thing visible is task notification from the manager.

Utility of the Application

In business, you need to often know where your salesmen are exactly, along with your service technicians. And here are some reasons why and how Sales Man tracking – Spy App can help you with them. For Instance : If a sales man is supposed to be given the task of the market survey for the day, then the admin will drop a message for the day through web interface that will reach to salesman’s app task list. Then admin can access the location of the sales through out the day and will have complete log of his movement. This app can be used well for the safety of the salesman while working in remote locations and otherwise as well.


Download Sample Apk here : Admin Panel:
username : ashish123
password : admin123