Referrals for Prizes

What this script does

With this script you can grow your user base by motivating your visitors to refer your site on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, forums, blogs, via email etc., in exchange for prizes or rewards. This is a great marketing technique for any type of site. Especially since you can give away all kinds of prizes and it can even be used as a waitlist since there is a way to show users their position (rank) on the signup list which is also shown in the admin panel. You can modify the email templates so that they display custom messages when a user receives a new referral and also when they are awarded the prize. This works great for digital downloads since you can include a link to the download in the goal reached email. In the admin panel, you can add numerous prizes which are all triggered based on how many users people refer. As mentioned, each prize has customizable email templates. Additionally, this script utilizes:
  • Bootstrap 3
  • TinyMCE
  • And has support for:
  • Mandrill
  • Geo Lite
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel Analytics
  • See Our

  • Installation Video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Front End Demo
  • Back End Demo
  • Basic Requirements

    PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x

    How easy is it to install this script?

    The package comes with an installation wizard so you can install the script in about 5 minutes. No need to edit files manually.


  • Installation wizard.
  • Responsive design using Bootstrap 3.
  • Add numerous levels of prizes.
  • Ability to enter the number of referrals required, upload an image, enter a title and description for each prize.
  • Customizable email templates. Enter custom text for each prize which includes customizing the progress templates and goal reached templates. Other templates such as the activation email template, welcome email template and account access email template are also editable.
  • The email body is edited using a WYSIWYG (TinyMCE).
  • Ability to preview templates via the admin panel.
  • Ability to view user’s positions on the sign up list. Users are ordered by rank. Rank is determined by how many users they’ve referred and time of sign up.
  • Ability to view who has won a prize so that you can award them the prizes they’ve won. You can archive users that you’ve awarded prizes to.
  • Configure your site via the admin panel. This includes uploading your site logo and email logo; entering your site name and email address; META tags info; Facebook tags info (Open graph tags); choosing which social buttons to display and more.
  • Define site text via the admin panel. This includes text in emails and on the front-end of the site.
  • Add additional admins via the admin panel.
  • Add bots (or placeholders) so that users that have just signed up, don’t hit the #1 ranking position for just signing up.
  • Send the emails out via Mandrill or regular PHP mail.
  • Add Google analytics or Mixpanel.
  • And more…