Pwgen - Password and serial generator

What’s PWGen?

PWGEN is a script which provide you a fastest method to create a online service website that don’t have to control but earn visits everyday. The service is generating complicated and secure password, moreover, the script also provide serial generation as well.
With this kind of website, you don’t have to do anything like building content, building community, just run it, place some ads and earn from advertisement.

Could I see it in action?

Yes, yes, of course. Here you are:
Back-end (Admin dashboard) (Login credentials: admin/admin)

Why PWGen?

What I need to make it work?

  • A license of this script
  • A computer with network connection
  • A php hosting
  • PHP version 5.3 or higher
  • One sql database on your host
  • 10 megabytes minimum free space on your host
  • file_get_contents available and enabled on your host

  • Change logs

    Version 1.0 First blood!