Pixel War - Enhanced HTML5 Platformer - Construct


Pixel Platformer was built with tilemaps (construct 2) allowing you to easily customize the levels. This game also comes along with many features (see below). Note: Game has been optimized for HTML5/Desktop. If you want to use it on mobile devices (Android, WP or iOS) you need to customize the game!


  • Awesome pixel art (build with tilemaps)
  • Tornado Mode (destroy enemies and get a speed up with the tornado)
  • Time-Based Score System (The LevelScore is higher the less the needed time was)
  • LevelSelection with ‘ScorePerLevel’ feature
  • Weather Mode (Rain & Lightning, only first level so far)
  • 4 diffrent level elements (Ice, Metal, Stone, Sand)
  • 12 levels ‘ready-to-play’ are included!
  • Enhanced JSON saving method via WebStorage and Dictionary
  • Easy understandable code (well commented in the C2 project file)
  • Build in HD
  • Beautiful level design
  • 3 kinds of enemies
  • Easy to edit with Construct 2 (source file included!)
  • All used elements (Graphics, Sounds, Source File etc.) are included
  • Free Support & Updates!
  • Check out the ‘Demo’


    All used sounds (http://soundbible.com/) and graphics are free (http://opengameart.com) and the source link to the original author is included in the package.

    Support & Pre-Sale Questions

    Buyer will find a link included in the download package for support. For pre-sale questions use the comment area, please!