Pixel Media Theme for Media Hunt Script

Pixel Media Theme is a premium theme for Media Hunt. Built on Bootstrap 3 framework, it supports the same browsers as Bootstrap. Pixel Media offers 6 modern themes based on the latest trends which offer their own unique look & feel. CSS Components style can be changed from a single file, that will provide you the full power of editing themes very fast. Our premium theme offers robust features not available out-of-box for Media Hunt Script such as the popular “Post Anywhere Feature” that allows you to create a post from anywhere. Our use of CSS3 Animations, FontAwesome Icons, & Vibrant color patterns, Pixel Media Theme brings your Media Hunt Script to life!

Demo User Login Info

Username : Team200 / Password : team200
http://keepit200.com/login Below you will see examples of the 6 Themes available in Pixel Media Theme

Timeline Examples

Paint Splash Theme NBA LA LAkers Theme Camo Theme Pastel Theme NBA Memphis Grizzlies Theme Brick Theme

User Profile Page

Pixel Theme NBA Memphis Grizzlies Theme Camo Theme Brick Theme

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Menu

Pastel Theme

User Settings Page

NBA LA Lakers Theme Brick Theme

Blog Posts & Timelilne

Brick Theme NBA Memphis Grizzlies Theme

Paint Splash Theme – Pretty Photo Example

Pastel Theme – User Comments Example

Pastel Theme – Category Filter Example

User Notification Example

Pixel Theme Camo Theme

Post Anywhere Example

Brick Theme Post Anywhere Color Options

Site Features

  • Built On Bootstrap – All 6 Pixel Media themes are “Built With Twitter Bootstrap 3” ensuring that your Media Hunt is compatible on mobile, tablet, desktop browsers. (Responsive Web Design)
  • Font Awesome 4 – Utilizing the power of Font Awesome, with over 519 icon combinations offer endless icon combination possibilities. (over 500+ icons)
  • Font Awesome Animated Icons – CSS Library allows you to add animated effects to any icon using the Font Awesome fa- class (over 10+ animations)
  • Glyphicons – Themes offer glyphicon support as an alternative to FontAwesome Icons
  • iHover image Hover Effects – Impressive image hover effects collection, powered by pure CSS3 (over 60+ animation classes)
  • CSS Animation Effects – Amazing CSS3 animations bring animations to specific elements.
  • More Social Sharing Options : More social media sharing implementations allow you to share your content in more places. Share to : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, & LinkedIn
  • Preloader JS – Preload your site with an image or a color using our built in features. Available options : Preloader delay timer & fade in/out transition, timer.
  • Background Image Overlay – Enable/Disable background image overlay patterns.
  • Post Anywhere – Users can create a post from any page once logged in using Bootstrap’s Modal functionality.
  • jQuery PrettyPhoto – jQuery Lightbox popups that fully support Media Hunt’s embedder post types : Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, or images.
  • CarouFredSel.js – The plugin behind beautifully designed carousels such as Categories Lists & Related Posts.
  • IOS Web App Support – Apple iOS Users can utilize the “Add To Home” feature to add your site to their phone home screen. Mobile Web App Icons can be modified or disabled easily.
  • Post Icons – Easily identify the post type based on icon type & color. Both features can be easily modified.
  • Google Web Fonts : Each Theme uses a different Google Web Font – Paint Splash : Finger Paint, Pixel : Raleway, Camo : Quantico, Brick : Indie Flower, Lakers : Josefin Sans, Grizzlies : Gorditas.
  • Made for 960 Grids
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Layered PSD to Bootstrap files.
  • Wigetized Alerts & Notifications