PHP Web/App Company Management Subscription

After searching for years for a solid user management script, BoilerPlate was created. A fully supported script that includes support for:


  • Another version of PHP Web/App User Management with Stripe Subscription and API for Company Based Management
  • Charge per user under a single subscription
  • Roles within companies
  • Stripe for monthly subscriptions (not required)
  • Social Login for almost all major networks
  • Emails sent through Mandrill (a free emailing services from Mailchimp to reduce any security issues by mailing on your own server)
  • A complete RESTFUL API service to integrate into APPs
  • Individual and group management
  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Installer Included
  • Security

  • CSRF Safe using individual random session tokens
  • Passwords encrypted with Blowfish “crypt”
  • PDO to prevent MySql injection attacks
  • Demo

    Demo Admin: / 12345
    Demo User:


  • 2/4/15
  • Fixed Stripe key variable in billing page javascript
  • Forces user to select a billing plan if needed
  • 2/3/15
  • Fix error message in login