PHP Stress - Website Performance Testing

Website Performance Testing. Is your website performing as you would expect under high traffic?

Stop guessing, use PHP Stress Performance Testings and find out how your website performs under condition of high traffic

Performance testing

Is your website&server ready for high traffic?
Stop the guesses, use this tool to find out.

GET requests

Simulate 100, 1000, 500, etc. GET requests per second or more.

Concurrent Requests

How about testing the website response time if 10 or 2 or 100 visitors would enter your site at the same time?

Failed reports

Report will show you exactly how many errors were return while your website was under performance test.

Analyze Measures

Complete requests, failed requests, time per request, connection times (connect/processing/waiting), longest request, etc.

Demo login

User: tests Pass: tests


This requires a VPS/Dedicated with Apache (not nginx), PHP 5.3+ and MySQL and php shell_exec() function enabled