PHP Manga - Manga reader website solution

What’s PHP Manga?

Are you planning to run an online manga (or manhua, manhwa, comics, komik) reader website with the easiest, fastest, friendliest and professional way?
We offer you our best solution, PHP Manga. PHP Manga, as its name, is a commercial php script developed by Huykhong based on PHP and built with WASD Framework. With this script, you can buy a manga reader site only in few blinks with our 5 minute installer (yes, 5 minute), you just have to create a database, fill in a form then GO, your site is ready for monetize! Other things that make PHP Manga on top of other competitors is Plugin and Theme system, do not limit your website with built-in feature, PHP Manga will provides you plugin and theme to make your website stays fresh, friendly and professional

Could I see it in action?

Yes, yes, of course. Here you are:
Back-end (Admin dashboard) (Login credentials: admin/admin)

Why manga script?

What I need to make it work?

  • A license of this script
  • A computer with network connection
  • A php hosting
  • PHP version 5.3 or higher
  • One sql database on your host
  • 10 megabytes minimum free space on your host
  • file_get_contents available and enabled on your host