Pac Maker

HTML5 arcade game ready be deployed or to be customized. Drive the character thru the maze avoiding to be captured by the ghosts. Eat the pills to get the temporary ability of defeat enemies. Collect all the dots in order to complete the level.


» Configurabile gameplay By editing the configuration file you can change many game aspects like player speed, enemies speed and behaviour, enemy and player animations, power-up options and so on.
You can substitute graphic, animations, sounds and music with yours, so to obtain your original game. Here an example of a game made by using Pac Maker.
» Portrait or landscape layouts You can decide the game resolution, both vertical and horizontal modes are supported. Player will be warned if he is holding his device in the wrong direction.
» Desktop and mobile support Controls are switched automatically for using the keyboard on desktop and the touch screen on mobile.
» Skinnable user interface Reskin the user interface by simply overwriting some png images.
» Configurable “more games” button Sets the url of your website to be used in “more games” button or remove such button at all.
» Save score on your server Optionally the player can send score to the hi-score table hosted on your server, the php script to handle it is included. A custom virtual keyboard is integrated into the game for nickname input by the player ( you need a Linux server supporting PHP for enabling this feature).
» Audio toggle and full screen button Optional buttons for switch to full-screen play and switch sounds on/off.
» Configurable Information Page Optional info button for accessing info page for showing credits, information or whatever.
» Customizable “how to play” page Up 5 how to play pages to instruct your players on how to play your game, you can easly change text and graphic.
» Ads ready You can switch on or off the ads that are shown as interstitials between levels or as a banner over the game.
» You can easly change the graphic as you wish Customize the game appearence by substituting graphic sheets of sprites and background tiles.
» Multi-language support You can easly add your language by adding a file into ‘local’ folder and adding it into the config file.
» You can add as many level as you wish Level sources comes with the game, you can easly modify and extend levels by using the free and open source editing software Tiled.
Both static and scrolling playground are supported, if level map is greater than the screen resolution you set, it automatically becomes a scrollable playground.
Take a look to the documentation on how to.
» Choose starting level screen You have the option of presenting a “choose level” screen where player can select from what level wish to start from. Naturally, each level must be previously unlocked by the player by having finished it. Level progress are saved locally on player’s device.
» Based on melonJS melonJS is a popular and lightweight HTML5 game engine.
With the game comes the sources svg files you can edit, for example, by using the free and open source vector graphic editor Inkscape


Documentation explains how you can cusomize the game. Read documentation from here
I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this game. No guarantees, but I’ll do my best to assist.
If you need, we can customize Pac Maker for you! Costs vary by the kind of customization, so, contact us for enquiring.