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Game play introducing

throw the presents into chimney. game play is like this :


  • Universal ( iPhone, iPod, iPad )
  • iPhone 4 / iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 & 6+ Supported
  • Game Center Supported
  • Local scores
  • Rate button
  • In-App Purchase
  • PSD files included / Layer Mode
  • Music/sounds Included
  • Sound OFF / Sound ON button
  • share score on Facebook,Twitter
  • Full game and ready to upload and sell
  • Full support through the comments with screenshots and videos If It needs!
  • ADS

    The game has iAD,AdMob, ChartBoost systems TOGETHER! I’ve noticed all the user like to have all the ads together just in a project, not separated! so all of them have been included in a project! however you can remove every one of them that you wouldn’t like to have on the game!

    Clean Code

    I’ve done my best to provide a clean code! It’s understandable! however, you can ask me about the algorithm.

    In-App Purchase

    The game has In-app purchase, It means the players can remove the ADS by paying the money, therefore you can earn money more! however this feature is optional , and you can remove that! How to setup, itunesconnect side : click here
    How to setup, project side : click here (copy and paste the domain onto defined.h)


    As you know, this game has been coded by UIKit Technology, It means there is no openGL code


    Always my customers ask “Do I have to change the graphics and re-skin?” the Answer is no! you don’t have to! you can use the default graphic without any changes and upload that on the Appstore! It is optional, if you would another graphics!

    Help & Documentation

    I’ve provided a great help and documentation. take a look at it : Click Here!