Multiradio app by ttDize

Multiradio App is a native android app, a simple solution to create your own multistation radio app, easy to costumize, build with Eclipse & submit to Google Play store.
  • SplashScreen
  • Play/Stop Live Radio Stream
  • Prev and next button
  • Notification Message
  • Display Artist & Song name
  • Supported streams: MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+, m3u
  • Display album cover from lastfm database
  • Custom User-Agent name
  • Full native app (supports Android 3.1 and Up)
  • Step by step instructions includes
  • Admob Integrated
  • exit function
  • Add or remove station via remote xml
  • support multiple xmls fro diferents categories
  • Play on background

  • support details:
  • You need basic knowledge of eclipse, author can’t teach you
  • support doesn’t include full customization or add extra functions
  • Please try demo apk before you buy the app
  • customization is not included in the project price, if you need extra functions feel free to contact the author using the contact form
  • Author doesn’t do refound, please contact envato
  • I will try to do my best help you with your question about the project, please be patient remember that there are more users