MonoList - List Grouping & Navigation

MonoList – Plugin for creating navigation by list and by pretty much everything else.

Do you have a long list of HTML elements? Would you like to group it by item’s first letter and allow users to easily navigate by it? With MonoList you can do it.


Only 2KB minified.
Responsive design support
Plugin creates navigation buttons which work great with responsive design.
Easy integration with CSS frameworks
Easily assign button template with your styles and classes.
Set initial letter selection
Assign any button preselected.
Dealing with prefixes
Navigate by the fist letter of the prefix, as by the first letter of the word after it. It can be very useful when dealing with articles in English language.
Multilingual support
Whatever markup
Use plugin with whatever markup you want. It is not necessarily should be a list. It could be any set of HTML elements.
Data navigation
Navigate not only by text in items but also by any data.
AJAX support
Fetch data by AJAX.