Modularux jQuery - Responsive Grid Facetracking

MODULARUX JQuery plugin – Responsive Grid Modular Facetracking

“THE MOST EASY WAY TO TRANSFORM YOUR WEB IN A MODERN AWESOME COMPLETE GRID UX” ModularUX jquery plugin is an easy and customizable content grid maker, built in well-designed javascript and html5 / css3. Use a json file with your sitemap and ModularUX will do the hard work. Modularux divides in an easy way your web in pieces to an innovate interface with css3 animations. Is easy to use, and you can make it work for any of your webs (html, php, etc.).


Mouse, Face and Head effects… Face and head tracking using webcam . Try it!! different perspective effects


  • Choose number of columns
  • Unlimited colors
  • Liquid or Scale-Responsive layout
  • Load and Hover Animations
  • Events an callback functions
  • What you get

  • UX based on Masonry.
  • Well documented code, each file.
  • Detailed documentation with starter guide for integration
  • Responsive design.
  • CSS3 awesome and exclusive animations.
  • HTML 5 structure.
  • JSON configuration & AJAX load.
  • Head tracking and mosuse interactions
  • Features

  • AWESOME CSS3 ANIMATIONS – CSS3 Animations preconfigured and really open to your customizations. Modularux make the hard work for you
  • JUST CONFIGURE & CUSTOMIZE – Create a json file with your sitemap. The plugin includes demo examples with the required json file. Easily to customize with parameters: colors, columns, behaviours, animations, ...
  • GRID LAYOUT & ASYNC LOADS – Masonry grid layout integrated. Modularux works like an interface for you, don´t worry about the grid. All content is loaded one time asynchronously, the best performance
  • REAL TIME TRACKING – Modularux implements an innovative integration for user interactivity. Head, Face and Mouse tracking
  • RESPONSIVE MOBILE FRIENDLY – Modularux works with your mediaquerys, prepare your items easily for all resolutions
  • SEO FRIENDLY – Your content is SEO accesible like a static web. You can make outside links to your content
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  • Cross Browser

    ModularUX jquery plugin works perfectly in major types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+, Opera, Mobile friendly jQuery 2.0 Compatible and older versions

    Codecanyon Usage

    If you want to use ModularUX jquery plugin in your Theme here on ThemeForest too please purchase 1 extended license for each theme you put on the marketplace!


    ModularUX jquery plugin credits

    jQuery masonry.js nicescroll.js headtrackr library ( Oswald Demos normalize.css – jQuery cycle 2 Modernizr Bootstrap v3.2.0 ( Font Awesome (Commercial and Redistribute license) (Font Awesome by Dave Gandy – Oswald Droid Sherif Demo´s image Creative Commons for commercial use Demo´s image (not included) Creative Commons for commercial use YouTube video, “Contagion – Epic Rocktronica” from Scott Buckley under CC license. Vimeo video, “Kill Me Laser – Blood – Official Music Video” by Jovan Todorovic under CC license.


    Read envato license for our plugin..


    1.1.1 (Feb 2015) * First release with a version number.