Meme Maker Plugin For Ninja Media Script

Notice: This is an addon plugin for Ninja Media Script.
With this plugin you can enhance your existing “Ninja Media Script” with the functionality of MEME generator. This plugin enables a new tab of “meme” on the “upload” page. The meme generator comes with very advanced options. Simply put the plugin folder into your plugins folder, activate the plugin from admin, and you are good to go.


  • Add images from device
  • Add unlimted “Text”
  • Freehand drawing with pencil
  • Draw circles
  • Draw squares
  • Single object selection
  • Group objects selection
  • Scale single/group objects
  • Skew single/group objects
  • Rotate single/group objects
  • Change fill color
  • Change background color
  • much much more…
  • A new “meme” tab

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    A whole lot of advanced features

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