Maverick - Cloud storage website

Live preview :

The Live preview actually doesn’t works (host crash) so go to : You can navigate on the website freely but on this demo, the settings are disabled (for the security). Some features (like deleting) can not works on the demo (because of the host settings) but works good with WAMP (local) or with an another host.


Maverick is a cloud storage website that enable you to upload, move, delete, create, see and share any type of files directly online, it replace FTP. It works good on local (with WAMP) as online on a host. The interface is designed for PC, Smartphones and Tablets.


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  • Features | Fonctionnalités

  • Home page : Contains the information of your server, a chat (without need to refresh).
  • Multimédia page : Enable you to share over all your synchronized devices the media (image, video, song you have uploaded on your server) in real time.
  • Maverick page : Browse your folders and files, upload (drag & drop or manual), move (drag & drop), delete (select), create any type of files and folders.
  • Settings page : Choice the root of your server, configure the banned files, make a copy (backup) of your server or disable/enable the access to your website for users.
  • Your website page : See your website (install in the root) from the Maverick software to see if all it’s working good.
  • You also can search file or folder by name.
  • Interface

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