Lux Meter Pro with Admob, StartApp and Lead Bolt

Lux Meter Pro is a handy tool for all the smart phone users, it detects the Light Intensity for the different workstations like Hospitals , Offices, Residences, Hotels, Educational institutions and Concert Halls etc. and guides the user about the required Lux in that specific environment. The Pro version is unique from other apps due to the following distinguished features:
  • Eclipse Editable
  • Compatible with Android 2.2+ *Analog and Digital Lux Meter with High, Low and Normal Levels indicating lights with sound buzzers.
  • Animations
  • Live Graph showing the light changes
  • Covers a large range of work-stations light requirements
  • Has a reset button for refreshing the surroundings light levels
  • Elegant user Interface
  • Displays the Minimum and Maximum Range of Lux Levels for all the workstations included. Actually, it is a really today’s need for every person working in any domain of work to facilitate a better and recommended vision for his efficient working.