Kids Puzzle Adventure - HTML5 iOS Android Game


Kids Puzzle Adventure (KPA) is a Jigsaw Puzzle game template for children between ages 2 to 10, written in Javascript, using PIXI.js a WebGL and HTML5 Canvas render engine. A perfect tool for improving children’s shape recognition and association, learning new words and rediscovering their favorite imaginary adventures in the form of puzzles.


  • Create unlimited custom episodes with as many puzzles as desired.
  • Randomly generated puzzles with custom complexities. Every time a different puzzle.
  • Every puzzle displays a word, also read by the browser/device using a native Text-To-Speech tool.
  • Fully customizable and configurable (graphics, sounds, episodes, puzzles, variables etc.)
  • Responsive. Fits any screen resolution!
  • Fast and Powerful, suports WebGL and Canvas.
  • Portable to iOS and Android (and other platforms) using bundled Apache Cordova™ (PhoneGap) tools
  • Light-weight custom game engine, build on top of PIXI.js
  • Well documented
  • Online documentation

    A comprehensive guide covering every aspect of the game setup, configuration and deployment:

    Note: Audio files are not included in the product

    However all music and sound files are conveniently available for sale on Audiojungle:
    1. Sunny Days at the Funny Farm (by pinkzebra)
    2. Puzzle Game 02 (by D_PEIN)
    3. Playground fun (by Lmz)
    4. Award Logo Game (by sonic-boom)
    5. The Correct Answer (by GabrielGaro)