Josh - Laravel Admin Template

Josh Admin template is a bootstrap based admin template which comes in following versions
Laravel 4 Version: Is your next project on Laravel? Use this theme and save your valuable time.
PHP Version: If you are working on core PHP, using this version, header.php, footer.php etc already created for you.
HTML Version: This version can be used for working with any language like PHP, ASP, Ruby, JSP, Perl etc…

Upcoming Features :

View users, edit user
blog, news modules



Version 1.2.1 – 28 October 2014
Note: Only Laravel version has changed!
this is a bug fix version for forget password functionality Files Changed: Modified: app/controllers/AuthController.php Added: app/lang/en/auth/form.php Added: app/lang/en/button.php Added: app/views/admin/auth/
Version 1.2 – 24 October 2014
Note: Only Laravel version has changed!
This is an incremental update before we can roll out big changes. Functionality added: + User can be deleted from users page + User can be restored from deleted users page + cosmetic changes to view user page Files Changed: Added app/controllers/UsersController.php Added app/database/migrations/2014_10_04_174350_soft_delete_users.php Added app/lang/en/users/message.php Added app/lang/en/users/modal.php Added app/views/admin/layouts/modal_confirmation.blade.php Modified app/models/User.php Modified app/routes.php Modified app/views/admin/deleted_users.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/editor.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/form_builder2.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/gridmanager.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/layouts/default.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/users.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/validation.blade.php Modified app/views/admin/view_user.blade.php Modified public/assets/css/panel.css
Version 1.1 – 23 September 2014
Note: Only Laravel version changed! [+] Add new: Laravel Authentication system with following features: - Login - register - Forget password - Log out Files Changed: modified: app/config/app.php modified: app/controllers/JoshController.php modified: app/database/seeds/DatabaseSeeder.php modified: app/routes.php modified: app/views/admin/layouts/default.blade.php modified: app/views/admin/login.blade.php modified: app/views/admin/login2.blade.php modified: app/views/admin/view_user.blade.php new: app/controllers/AuthController.php new: app/database/seeds/AdminSeeder.php new: app/lang/en/auth/* new: app/views/emails/forgot-password.blade.php new: app/views/emails/layouts/* new: app/views/emails/register-activate.blade.php new: app/views/notifications.blade.php


Built with Bootstrap 3.2
Valid HTML 5 and CSS 3
70+ pages included
100+ components used
Laravel, PHP & HTML versions included
Boxed & Full width versions available
Fully Responsive
Continous updates will be provided