iTunesPortfolio - iOS8 Swift Project

With iTunesPortfolio you can showcase all your Apps on the App Store by simply adding your Name in the provided Settings File. Everything is parsed in real time from the App Store API via JSON. A custom image loader class caches all the icons and App Screenshots. This Add On is prepared for all available Languages on the store. Official App Store Badges in 37 Languages are included. If the user uses your app in a language that isn´t supported by this script, it shows the english badge by default. This Badges are vector graphics, so no worries about file sizes. Light weight and limitless scaleable. Custom Transitions and Animations are also included. User sees your list of Apps with App Icon, Localized App Name, Localized Category, Localized Price… can then tap on this List item and the area expands, shows then App Screenshots, App Description and a App Store Button that opens the local app store corresponding to the users local. EVERYTHING is adjustable from within just ONE single Settings File. Well Commented and clean structured. Hide or show every single piece of information as you wish. Entirely written in SWIFT and compatible to ALL available iOS Devices. A MUST HAVE for every App Developer.