ionWalkThrough Ionic PhoneGap/Cordova Walkthrough


ionWalkThrough is an ionic PhoneGap/Cordova that can be used in any mobile application. Walkthroughs are such an important aspect of an app’s overall experience because, after all, they are the first interaction a user has with an app. The purpose of a walkthrough is to provide insight about what your app can do. Especially if your app has hidden functionality, a walkthrough is a great place to demo it, so that users don’t miss out.

WalkThrough Variants

You can easily change the device frame and background colors. You can choose between these devices:
  • iPhone 5 (black/white)
  • iPhone 6 (black/white/gold)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (black/white/gold)
  • nexus 6 (black)
  • galaxy S5 (black/white/gold)