Ionizer API App

Ionizer API App is a Mobile Native Web Application to create Hybrid Applications that are connected to an API. Ionizer API App itself is powered by Cordova, AngularJS & Ionic. The purpose of Ionizer API App is to help you start right away with the Application Development and skip writing your own API return JSON parsers, API Call Services, etc. We have put a lot of effort to get Ionizer API App as easily to use as possible and are keen to hear your feedback on how to make Ionizer API App even better. If you would like to test it before Purchasing, here is the link for Ionizer API App Android APK using the rottentomatoes API

Main Features:

  1. Examples: We have 2 ready Examples using rottentomatoes API and fork2food API, and plan to bring more in the future
  1. UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience):
    1. Tabs: On the bottom there are 3 Tabs, each having there own State, which are:
  • Home: Here you can choose to show Initial Data (ex: Box Office Information from Movie API, Today’s Favorites from Food API, Today’s Score from Football API).
  • Search: This Menu is for the User to Search Data using the API.
  • Bookmark: All the User saved data will go here.
    1. Detail Page: This State is using 1 templates and can be used for all Tabs, the general purpose is to show the detail after pressing an Item from the Tabs (ex: Details of a Movie, Details of a Recipe, Score Details of a Match)
    2. Pull to Refresh: The Home Page has Pull to Refresh implemented, which you can choose to use on other Pages also
    1. Infinte Scroll: The Search Page has Infinte Scroll applied to it so once the user reaches the bottom of the Page a new set of Data will be loaded until no more data is available
    2. Responsive Cards: Data is shown as Cards, which can be customized to show Images, Icons, etc. This is also build to be Responsive to show 1 Card on a Phone and 3 Cards on a Tablet or Browser
    1. Bookmark: Data can be saved to the Bookmark Page by simple clicking on the checklist
    1. JavaScript behind the Door :
      1. Dynamic URL creater based on the parameters set by You and able to use functions. (How to use below)
      2. Dynamic Variable Creator that can be used in each Page to show Text, Images, etc and able to use function. (How to use below)
      3. A Factory to get a part of an object (ex: movies.image.detail)
      4. A Factory to save objects in $window.localStorage
      5. A Factory to process all bookmarked data

    Need Support?

    If you have problems, please try to read our documentation first since many support related questions are answered inside our documentation.
    Support requests can be sent through email at We usually respond to support requests within 48 hours on weekdays, depending on the number of requests in queue.

    Also take a look at our Rockefeller Wordpress Version