IMDB Parser

IMDB Parser is a PHP class that allows you to get everything you want from the IMDB database, it supports both movies and TV series. Here is a list of fields that the class can parse :
  • Title
  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Genre
  • Stars
  • Rating
  • Director
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Release date
  • Type
  • Status
  • Seasons
  • Imdb URL
  • Imdb ID
  • Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this item !


  • PHP 5.x
  • PHP Zlib
  • Installation

  • Download the archive and decompress it to your server.
  • config.php file is located under “imdb_parser/config” directory. You can enable or disable the cache by setting the $cache_enabled variable to true or false.
  • Set permissions recursively for folder “imdb_parser/lib” to 0755
  • The cache can be deleted by removing the file located in “imdb_parser/cache”
  • Features

  • Cache System, for fast data retrieval
  • Supports search by ID or TV serie/Movie name
  • Demo script included for free
  • Support on Codecanyon
  • Basic Usage