Hubeleke Form Builder

Hubeleke Form Builder helps you to generate any type of html form with it’s own 16 columns grid system. You are able to add html form elements, titles and seperators as many as you want. You can easly align your form in a multi-column and/or multi-row format. You can also use many helpers like labels, placeholders, and tooltips to give information about inputs to the users. After generating the form, you can see output layout of your form below the generator. It generates you the output layout, html, css and javascript codes.


  • 16 Column Grid System
  • Predefined css styles
  • Field sorting
  • Preview output
  • HTML, CSS and JS codes
  • 11 form element types
  • Titles and separators
  • Custom attributes for inputs
  • Easy usage
  • jQuery powered
  • Major browsers support
  • Easy to customize
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