GrowthlandTale Match-3 iOS Game

GrowthlandTale is an interesting Match-3 addictive game. Growthland needs your help! Everything is growing too fast!.

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- An evil sorceress has cast a spell on Growthland that makes all the animals and plants grow with incredible speed. - You are the young magician that must use your brains, dexterity and powers of observation to defeat the sorcerer’s spells! - Now is the time to act – the magic country needs your help!


- Great Match3 game - Interesting vivid style - Exciting atmosphere and characters - Unique, addictive gameplay - Beautiful sound effects and graphics


- This game project for Adobe Flash CS6 and publishing for iOS by AIR. - It is necessary to import new images instead of the old. - Importing images - Import Photoshop and Illustrator files into Flash CS6