Grand Theft Auto: Crew Leaderboards

Create your own GTA Online leaderboards website!

GTA Leaderboards is a script that displays the top Grand theft auto online crews & statistical information for Xbox 360, Xbox one, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.


  • Top ten crews overview for all 4 platforms
  • Top 100 crew pages for all 4 platforms
  • Info includes: Crew tags, Crew name, Social club crew link, Member count, Win/Loose ratio, Total wins and total losses
  • A beautiful design
  • CSS3 Animations & onscroll effects
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Built using modern frameworks such as Bootstrap and WOW.js
  • Requirements:

  • file_get_contents is required for this script to run. Most web hosts have this enabled, but if you are not sure, please check with your web host.