Glue 2.0: Exit-Popups to Capture Visitors

Create exit-popups to capture visitors just as they try to leave!

This jQuery plugin “Glue” allows you to create exit-popups on your website, so you can capture visitors just as they are about to leave.
  • Increase your conversion rates!
  • Give visitors reasons to stay!
  • Grab your users’ attention!
  • How It Works?

    “Glue” detects if the mouse of a user leaves the viewport / document borders of your website — and when this happens, it shows a popup box. You can customize the look of the popup by using css! “Glue” even allows you to use your own code (callback) if you don’t want to use the popup that comes with it!


    4 Directions

    “Glue” detects if a user leaves the viewport to the top, bottom, left and right*!

    Time control

    Set the time after which “Glue” is active and for how long, delay and time intervals. Overall speed depends on the browser. “Glue” can save how many times it has shown the popup/callback to ensure a non-annoying experience.


    You don’t have to use the popup that comes with “Glue” – you can use your own code!


    “Glue” comes with examples to give you a fast and comfortable start!

    Help & documentation

    “Glue” comes with a quick start guide and help for all plugin options… * Be careful with "right": Some browsers tell "Glue" that the user leaves the viewport if he moves the mouse to the right scrollbar! Not all browsers support all directions!