Envato Beep - Periodic Sale Update App

EnvatoBeep – An Android App for Envato Authors

This is an Android App for Envato Authors across all the marketplaces. It auto-updates account balance and author badges using the Envato Market API. It creates a sweet audio notification and a beautiful visual notification when sale happens. UX is developed based on Google’s Material Design principles. Works on Android phones that support API level 14-21.

Stunning Audio-Visual Notifications and Toolbar Support

Automatic Account Balance Update and Display

Pretty Controller and Time of Update Display

Author Profile

Android Education

EnvatoBeep is a complete, beautifully hand-crafted and functional Android App. It uses many core android functionalities that make it invaluable as a reference app for budding android developers Following is the list of functionalities that this app uses:
  1. Google Material Design
    Intended for API level >= 21 devices. But app is written so that it is backwards compatible down to API level 14. This is implemented using different styles.xml files for supporting different API levels.
  2. Pretty Colors for Branding
    Color choice was done strictly on the basis of Google’s material design guidelines.
  3. Floating Button (Lollipop devices only)
    The technique to create and display pretty looking buttons that appear to float and have an image on them is demonstrated in this app.
  4. Toolbar
    Toolbar API is natively supported for the Lollipop platform. Here it is implemented to support API levels >= 14.
  5. JSON Requests
    The technique to make JSON requests is demoed.
  6. Scheduling A Repeated Background Service
    This is an advanced android technique that allows the app to periodically fetch author data from the envato server. No, we don’t like to use push messaging in our apps
  7. Background Tasks and UI Updates Using AsyncTask
    Another advanced android coding technique that allows the app to update the UI based on data fetched from the cloud while keeping the UX responsive and light on resources.
  8. Handlers to Make Periodic UI Updates
    Using this technique the UI state is kept updated constantly without freezing the app and hogging precious system resources.
  9. “OnClick” Button Events
    Learn how to handle basic button based input events.
  10. UI State Persistence Across Reboot Events!
    Yes, you will learn how to keep the app running seamlessly and without additional user’s input after phone reboot.
    We will continue adding modules to this app and make it really, really feature rich. More learning for you guaranteed !
    Stay tuned for more .

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