EasyDonation Form PayPal/Credit Card/Bank Transfer

100% responsive online Paypal donation form, EasyDonation is powered by PHP scripts to donate any amount via credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. It has been featured with multiple payment gateways, currency & languages and provide complete transaction history for all failed & successful transactions. Clean & simple design of this lightweight online donation form is coded meticulously using AJAX, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 technologies that make online charity donation easy for everyone. This multi-currency donation form supports different payment options & also allows you to multiple online charity donations via Recurring Payment Type. For the successful transaction of any custom or fixed amount, it is the best PayPal online donation form or can say email template. For admin convenience, this donation email template provides full history of transactions done through bank transfer, credit card & PayPal. Being an admin, you can also filter transaction history to view particular transactions that are successfully done by Credit Card/PayPal/Bank Transfer. Using menu list, you can search every transaction that you want to view. You can even clear the history with “Clear List” button. EasyDonation online payment script is one of the powerful online donation forms to donate via PayPal and accept donations. Integrate this ready to use donation form with your website, which has been developed by adept professionals. Considered among the powerful online donation forms, EasyDonation is the best PHP powered donation script for charity donations. PayPal for donations is the most secure payment method. With this outstanding, secure and fast donation form script, an individual can do both type of payment:
  • Recurring:
    Recurring payment type of this PHP donation script supports the PayPal recurring method.
  • One Time Payment:
    Three payment options come under this payment type while using PayPal donation script, including:
    1. Bank Transfer: Offline Payment Mode
    2. Credit Card: In-demand Online Transaction Mode
    3. PayPal: Most Secure Online Payment Gateway
  • Let us write all Comprehensive Features of EasyDonation Form:
    1. Featured with Multilingual & Multi-currency
    2. 100% Responsive
    3. Built With PHP
    4. Light Weight
    5. Admin can view complete transaction history & even sort it accordingly
    6. Fixed & Custom Donation Options
    7. Set Any Default Language & Currency
    8. Transaction Mail Is Received To Donner & Admin
    9. Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
    10. ZERO Database Required
    11. Complete Transaction History Is Stored In CSV file
    12. Easy to integrate with any website
    13. Server side & client side validation
    14. Option to turn on/off url rewrite