EasyConfig - dynamically create config pages

EasyConfig lets you dynamically create a config pages out of entries of a database. It will automatically create input fields for each value, or a table row for each entry or even a whole table by predefined entries.
Take a look at the online documentation, to get a feel for EasyConfig: Documentation
For each config entry you have four possible data types: text (normal text, like a string), number (numbers only, like integer or float values, positive and negative), logical (true or false, yes or no – like a boolean value), interval (interval with numbers only).
EasyConfig also takes care of the form submission and writes submitted values to database if the validation is successful. If it is not, then an error message will be displayed under the input field.
You may also manually get or set the values with or without validation everywhere in your code, just include EasyConfig and create a instance.
The configuration entries are entered in a key/value relation, with the possibility of adding a display name and a description for that property.
The example is created with bootstrap css but you may of course use your own styles.