Duck Shooter


Duck Shooter is a remake of the classic arcade game by Nintendo. Shoot the ducks and score. Aim and shoot and press Reload to reload the shotgun. You will receive the complete design of this game, very easy to edit, just drag and drop the sprites. Configured to support all sizes of screens.

Features and Requirements

  • Works on Android and Web.
  • Ad Support
  • Made with Construct 2
  • Easy to reskin
  • How to Setup and Reskin

    Open the “DuckShooter.capx” file. Images: Double-click the sprites, and replace the images. Audio: To replace the sound files, Delete all and import the new (. ogg). Do not forget to change the “event sheet”.



    Note: Made With Construct 2, Easy to edit and Reskin. (source file included). At least Construct 2 Personal Edition is required to Export for Android or IOS.