Drink Green - iOS8 Swift Project - Universal Build

Drink Green is a Vegan Alcohol Directory powered by Barnivore API. It is basically a database with over 20.000 Alcoholic drinks from aprox. 4.000 well known brands world wide. This app shows all this companies – the company details are available, the current vegan status in green, yellow or red, depending on it´s vegan friendliness, and on the company details it shows another little table view with all registered products. iAd Banner implemented, but you can easily remove it if you wish. The design is entirely made with Interface Builder and most values can be modified in the code. I customized the table views, so it´s a bit more pleasant A info screen explains the meaning of each icon. The Code is well structured and full of comments so customization will be very easy. Photoshop files of app icon, status icons and main logo are included. Except for a valid Apple Developer Account and a bundle id for your app, you won´t need anything at all. Just place your bundle ID, change the colors as you wish, make some App Icons with the PSD Template provided and that´s it. - Entirely developed in SWIFT - iOS8 ready - runs and fits on ALL iOS Devices - Localization ready (english, spanish and german already in) - Features iAd - Clean and structured Code - Lots of Code comments - easy to customize - Support in several languages Nearly everything is adjustable from within the Storyboard File/Interface builder. NO Graphic files need to be designed (Only your App Icon) . All colors, sizes, styles can be changed very easy. No Coding or development experience needed.