Digi Online Vehicle Booking System - DOVBS

Digi Vehicle Booking System V1.1: DigitalVidhya presents awesome software for vehicle bookings. Built on powerful and lightweight PHP framework – CodeIgniter , besides awesome support and friendly help. The DVBS is excellent for any kind of vehicle booking systems, from cars, cabs to any vehicle of your choice. What made it awesome is its 3 way of booking procedure, user roles for maintaining system, reports, notifications, PayPal, distance calculation , locating airports , …..All your awaiting features are made together for only you. Grab it and use it. Booking System Demo Details Admin Demo
URL : http://envato.digitalvidhya.com/codecanyon/dvbs
User name: admin@admin.com
Password: admin123
Executive Demo
URL : http://envato.digitalvidhya.com/codecanyon/dvbs
User name: executive@dvbs.com
Password: executive
User Demo
URL : http://envato.digitalvidhya.com/codecanyon/dvbs
User name: user@dvbs.com
Password: user1234
Top 10 Features that you desire for booking system:
  • Easy installation
  • Easy booking process In 3 steps
  • SEO friendly
  • Multi language support
  • Multi theme support
  • Beautifully organized dashboards for Users, Executives and Admins
  • Easy navigation without confusions
  • Well documented
  • Awesome support from DigitalVidhya Team
  • Secure and valid code, where user can customize as per requirements

    Cab Booking System – Admin Features

  • Categorize vehicles.
  • Add/Delete vehicle features.
  • Add/Delete vehicle with available features.
  • Day/Night time settings.
  • Day/Night cost settings for each individual vehicle.
  • Add booking.
  • Current day bookings.
  • Overall bookings.
  • Bookings can be handled by just one click (Confirmation/Cancellation).
  • Notifications for unread/new bookings.
  • Add/Delete packages.
  • Add/Delete airports.
  • Search bookings for customer query management.
  • Chart reports for Business status.
  • Add/Delete/Block Executives/Telecallers.
  • Add/Delete/Block Users.
  • Multi theme User Interface.
  • Support for currency settings.
  • Google locations for selected country.
  • Dynamic front end pages.
  • Profile settings.
  • Testimonial settings.
  • Social network settings.
  • Email settings.
  • Paypal settings.
  • Waiting time settings.
  • FAQ’S
  • Multi language support.
  • Cab Booking System – Executive Features:

  • Add bookings.
  • Bookings can be handled by just one click (Confirmation/Cancellation)
  • Current day bookings.
  • Search bookings.
  • Overall bookings.
  • Notifications for unread/new bookings.
  • Multi language support.
  • Cab Booking System – User Features:

  • User friendly Interface
  • Simple registration, login process.
  • 3 step booking process.
  • Google map locations.
  • Route map, distance and cost calculations for given source and destination.
  • Waiting time option for return journey.
  • Bookings history.
  • Email support for booking status.
  • Profile settings
  • Multi language support.